Industrial Air Conditioning For Gyms

We take for granted industrial air conditioning in factories, warehouses, hospitals and gyms, but having the cool air flowing does have several advantages.

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Comfort of Customers

Of course, the main reason to have air conditioning installed in a commercial gym is for the enjoyment and comfort of the customers. Most potential gym customers have a list of facilities and amenities they are looking for, and a comfortable climate controlled environment is as important as the range of equipment, membership fees and the calibre of staff. And working out in a hot, stuffy and clammy gym doesn't make for a comfortable environment, and even a large area full of people working out can quickly become warm and downright unpleasant if there isn't adequate and functioning air conditioning. Air conditioning is a must not only in the main area containing the gym equipment, but also in the toilets and showers, café or snack bar, and waiting and reception area.

Safe and Healthy Workouts

Working out in a room that is too hot and not at an appropriate temperature can actually be dangerous as well as just unpleasant. The core body temperature can be affected, meaning that you get tired and out of breath more quickly, and of course your workout won't be as effective, nor the results as accurate. Many beginners working out in a room that's too hot can tire more quickly, over exert themselves and increase the risk of overdoing it, or even collapsing. If a gym has space that is regularly used for such activities as martial arts, dancing or cardio exercise, it is especially important to have the temperature accurately and safely regulated.

Temperature Control in Different Areas

If you visit a gym these days, it's likely to have different areas for different activities or workouts, all of which need to be kept at a safe and comfortable temperature. However, not all areas of the gym need to be at the same temperature; the swimming pool may be slightly warmer than the reception area, for example. An efficient air conditioning system allows gym owners to regulate the temperature throughout their facility, regardless of its size, number of different areas or what they are used for. Air conditioning isn't just needed in a gym to ensure a safe, healthy and comfortable environment, if your building isn't kept cool, it can very quickly lose you customers, and cost thousands in lost revenue.